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June 9

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Wednesday’s are my mental health days. I always say I’m going to unplug and do something for myself, but that hardly ever happens. I ran on the treadmill, took a shower, and guess where I am now, right back at my computer. I spend so much time in this room, but honestly, it’s my happy place.

After finishing up some work, I decided to go through and delete some old notes, with the plan of deleting pictures next. I’m that person that hates having a photo library full of pictures I don’t need or will never look at again.

Before making it to my photo library, I came across notes that I wrote in April last year. I haven’t shared my full story yet, and I don’t know when or if that day will come, but I know I am incredibly proud of my growth. Reading those posts reminded me that just a year ago, I was extremely depressed and going through something I could have never imagined. I low-key rose from the ashes. Now I’m so much better off - mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I still have my days where I suffer from anxiety and may get down on myself, but the difference is now I have the tools to pull myself out. I don’t stay in it long. Pro tip: Go to therapy.

I bought some bookshelves for my favorite room recently, and while organizing my books, I came across this 100-day challenge. I think I’m going to kick this off tonight. It will force me to dedicate a few moments to myself a day just reflecting—something I don’t do enough.

Here’s to 100 days of remembering how bomb I am and far I’ve come. 🖤

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