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Do what gives you peace.

I've been digging deep in my introvert bag lately. I've been in the mood to write a lot more. I've been wanting to create art and read. I've been spending a lot of time reflecting.

I'm noticing a shift in my relationships. I'm not sure if it's my anxiety or me getting in my way. Still, I'm definitely drifting, and it's an uncomfortable place for me. Things that give me joy no longer align with the people around me. It's an internal battle because I know relationships are seasonal, but the change is hard.

Daily I am working on giving myself permission to change. Change is a sign of growth and maturity, and I need to welcome it no matter how arduous the journey is.

I am speaking new relationships over my life. Relationships that push me and align with what makes me most happy. I've been hyper-focused lately on how short and valuable time is. I want to spend every day living and being ok with removing anything that no longer serves me.

Now Reading: The Other Black Girl and The Personal Librarian

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