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Dear 2021

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Happy New Year! Every year I sit down and make a list of goals for the next year. I love looking backing on my goals a couple times a year to see how far I've come and what I’ve been able to achieve.

I do want to say some of these are dependent on the world being somewhat in order, because 2020 was a whole mess.


My word for the year is: Worth - This is the year of not settling.

What I really want in 2021 is: Travel - I didn't realize how much travel impacts my mental health. Now that I work from home there are days I don't even leave my house. I have to be super intentional about going somewhere other than Starbucks and Target - don't judge me. After a while that wears on me. I would like to take some trips this year (safely) to pull myself out of the daily grind.

What I really need in 2021 is: Therapy - Therapy is revealing a lot of trauma and PTSD from my childhood. Every time I finish a therapy session I'm reminded of how much work I still have to do. I just want to focus on healing, and becoming a more whole version of myself.

What I will share in 2021 is: My Story - Starting this blog was a huge step in the right direction. I am naturally a very private person so being able to share my thoughts and feelings has been uncomfortable, but necessary. I just want to continue to share my story because it's been therapy for me and maybe it will inspire.

In 2021 I will succeed at: Entrepreneurship - I want to continue building the LCx brand - check us out! We already have several clients lined up for the new year so I'm excited to see our growth at year-end. I also have plans to start a personal business so I'm looking forward to kicking that off this year and laying some solid foundation.

Individual Goals:

  1. Complete all my hours for my PMP Certification by November

  2. Form a LLC by June

  3. Build a blog audience with at least 100 weekly post views by the end of the year

  4. Save $10k by the end of the year

  5. Learn Photoshop (Advanced) by June


Moodboard for 2021

Now you know I love Moodboards and I will never miss an opportunity to make one. Here's what I will be manifesting in the new year!

Inspired by my post? Use this IG story template to share your goals for 2021!

List of Goals for 2021

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